“I'm not perfect... But I'm enough.” ― Carl R. Rogers

By being here, you've already taken the courageous step of seeking professional help for a struggle you are experiencing. We know this must be tough. You were probably debating seeking help for months, if not years, and we’re glad you're here!

We are here to work with you and for you. To help get your life back on the course you want it to be on and allow you to rediscover what brings you joy and happiness in your life.

No matter what you are going through today, we are here to help achieve happiness with the direction your life is heading. We believe that happiness and fulfillment is possible for everyone, and through therapy, you will learn strategies to address the challenges you face more effectively.

Contact us today if you're ready to start working towards the life you want. Together, we can get you there.

Meet Our Staff

Matthew Jung, LAC

Matthew Jung, LAC

”If you would stop, really stop, damning yourself, others, and unkind conditions, you would find it almost impossible to upset yourself emotionally about anything. Yes, anything.” -Albert Ellis